OT3 Tools Add'em Up - Making adding easy

What is it

The OT3 Add'em Up is a simple, hand held, solution to real-time budget management.

It is a calculator that serves the specific purpose of managing costs against a pre-defined budget.

How does it work

The Add'em Up has seven buttons. Five buttons for entering unit values and two for adding and subtracting from the total costs.

A user holds the device in one hand, enters their initial budget and then inputs individual expenses.

The budget remaining and total costs are always visible to the user.

Where's it used

The Add'em Up is particularly applicable to grocery/supply shopping, but can be used for onsite job quotation, or even object and event counting.

This tool would be useful for anyone who needs to quickly and easily track their costs and budget, and is therefore universally appealing.

More information
For Product information, demonstrations, licensing and pricing please contact:
Add'em Up

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