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Income management's primary focus is to improve the overall health of children. The ADD'EM UP is an innovative budgeting tool specifically designed to assist people with household budgeting and to build their financial literacy skills. Improved nutrition has a major impact on primary health and these outcomes are directly linked to money management. The ADD'EM UP is a tactile tool that provides a practical solution to money management and is ideal for ESL clients.

People need to be able to take control of their spending and make informed decisions. Most consumers reach the cash register in a supermarket not knowing the value of the goods in their trolley. With the help of the ADD'EM UP customers can now arrive at the cash register knowing the value of the goods selected and with the confidence they have enough money to pay for their shopping.

The ADD'EM UP also provides consumers with the opportunity to monitor the prices in their community stores and to notify the community stores licensing team of any discrepancies.


To demonstrate how simple and effective this tool is please follow the example below. A pre-defined budget is inputted into the calculator, in this case $20. The consumer then proceeds to shop by adding items to the ADD'EM UP . Cereal is entered in the top line by pressing the $1 tab three times. Once the plus tab is pressed the $3 moves into the actual spent line and the budget line has now reduced to $17. Note the black bar has also reduced to give a visual reminder that the budget is getting lower.

This calculator is unique in that it gives an audio warning when 10% of the budget is remaining and also for the last $10. This serves to remind consumers they have limited funds and need to prioritise their shopping.

Add'em Up Example

Funding for service delivery models

A one day workshop delivers how to create a household budget, use the ADD'EM UP calculator, prioritise spending and understand consumer rights. In addition attendees will be provided with on-line training resources.

A resource kit has been developed that includes the calculator, a training manual with easy step by step instructions and a nutritional tick list which has been created to assist consumers in making informed choices for healthier food selection.

One day workshop of ADD'EM UP for up to 10 people*    $8,900

The one day workshop includes the kit comprising of calculator, training manual, nutritional tick list, and access to on-line training for 12 months.

*travel expenses are additional

Purchase of 100 ADD'EM UP calculators for each community store    $7,900

Train the Trainer workshops are also available to build the capacity of local Indigenous people to become accredited OT3 Tools trainers. Once accredited, trainers are able to order resource packages (calculator & training manual) to continue delivering workshops.

ADD'EM UP resource package for OT3 accredited trainers    per unit    $114

OT3 Tools owns all Intellectual Property around the ADD'EM UP and associated resources: - No replication of any resources without expressed written consent from OT3 Tools is permitted.

Packages can be customised to suit your requirements. We would be happy to provide an online presentation to best demonstrate the tool's capabilities.

For additional information on how this tool can support better financial & nutritional outcomes on the ground, or to simply place an order for our training and resource packages, please contact:

Janelle Sigley
Marketing Director
OT3 Tools
Mob: 0427 877 786
Fax: 08 8911 0609

PO Box 754
Nightcliff NT 0814

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